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克姆伍德天然木饰面板,经耐侯树脂及特种高分子树脂浸渍,运用独特的电子束固化处理技术对木皮表面进行加工处理。在保留天然木皮原有的肌理及色泽,同时大幅提升其物理性能,使其更能抵御外界恶劣环境的考验,延长天然木皮的使用寿命,大大拓宽天然木皮装饰板的适用领域。 Compactwood natural wood decorative panels, impregnated with weather resistant resin and special polymer resin, used the unique electron beam curing treatment of veneer surface processing. In the preservation of the natural texture and color of the original veneer, increase in its physical properties at the same time, so that it can withstand the test of the outside world to extend the life of natural veneer, greatly broaden the natural veneer decorative plate areas of application.
Structure 结构
Performance Feature

  • 外观特性:由于其天然木材的特性,传递出具有吸引力的美学特质。表面的高科技处理,获得长久的使用寿命。
  • 技术特性:板材密度1.35gr/cm³。
  • 耐候性:在人工耐老化试验中,克姆伍德木饰面板在氙光辐射3000小时后,获得表面颜色色牢度大于3级,相当于10年阳光辐射。模拟自然气候冷热循环试验无任何的物理性能变化。
  • 抗冲击性:能抵抗住硬物撞击(大直径球,凹痕直径小于10mm,落差大于1800mm。
  • 易清洁性:表面经过多层特殊工艺处理使表面具有良好的自洁性能易清洗和维护。
  • 防涂鸦性:面层经过化学处理,使面板 防止油漆永久地粘附。
  • 防火性能:所有产品根据GB2012-8624国家标准严格分级,获得人造木饰面板中最佳的防火试验结果。此标准提供所有建筑分类产品的消防等级。克姆伍德产品的燃烧等级:B1、B2级
  • Appearance characteristics: due to its characteristics of natural wood, it pass out the attractive aesthetic characteristics. The  high-tech surface processing, access to long-term service life.
  • Technical characteristics: sheet density 1.35gr / cm³.
  • Weather-ability: In the artificial anti-aging test, Comwood wood panel’s surface color fastness is greater than 3 levels in the xenon radiation after 3000 hours, the equivalent of 10 years of solar radiation. Simulated natural climate hot and cold cycle test without any physical performance changes.
  • Impact resistance: to withstand the impact of hard objects (large diameter ball, dent diameter less than 10mm, drop greater than 1800mm.
  • Easy to clean: After a multi-layers special treatment, the surface has a good self-cleaning performance easy to clean and maintenance.
  • Anti-graffiti: The surface layer is chemically treated so that the panel prevents the paint from sticking permanently.
  • Fire performance: all products according to GB2012-8624 national standard strict classification, access to artificial wood panels in the best fire test results. This standard provides fire rating for all building classified products. Comwood product burning grade: B1, B2 level.


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